Olets : Branch Connections

Olets Branch Connection : Manufacturer & Supplier

Olets Branch Connection Pipe Fittings are manufactured by Metal Forge India . Olets Branch Connection are used in Petrochemical Industry for high pressure applications and durability for long life of the product. Olets are maintained as per international and custom specifications.

Branch Connection fittings (also known as Olets) are fittings which provide an outlet from a larger pipe to a smaller one (or one of the same size). The main pipe onto which the branch connection is welded is usually called the Run or Header size. The pipe to which the branch connection provides a channel is usually called the Branch or Outlet size. Branch connections are in all sizes, types, bores, and classes, in a wide range of stainless steel, chrome-moly, and other alloys.


Material : Stainless Steel : SS304 , SS316
Alloy Steel : Monel , Inconel , Incoloy , Hastelloy , Duplex Steel , Super Duplex Steel , 254 SMO

Olets Branch Connections: Types