Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is integral to Metal Forge India. We believe that growth has to be inclusive. For ensuring long term profitability we should invest in sustainable development of communities and the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Metal Forge India is based on the premise that the business and its environment are inter-dependent and focus on strengthening the organic link between them. We believe that a higher degree of sustainability can be achieved in business by balancing growth in all aspects of development ? financial, natural, social, human and physical.

At Metal Forge India we deploy a range of transformative initiatives focusing on improving business policies and practices. Corporate Social Responsibility is a high priority mission at Metal Forge India and we have set the following goals for the same :

  • To have minimal impact on the natural environment
  • To enable local communities to develop their potential
  • To empower employees to be responsible civil members
  • To create overall awareness about the surroundings and enhance it.


Metal Forge India initiatives are as follows :

  • Understanding the need of a technological platform requirement for all, we have started special computer training centers for disabled people so that they can be more self sufficient and can earn a respectful livelihood. The center also runs special computer training sessions for the tribal kids.
  • Metal Forge India sponsors an animal shelter & hospital for stray, old and disabled cows.
  • We have already installed 6 windmills so that the Carbon Foot Print of our group is reduced to minimal.
  • We have taken the initiative and have planted more than 10000 trees in last 3 years and have a specific green policy in terms of recycling and resource usage.